Mayor’s greeting

Dear visitor, it’s my pleasure to write to all the citizenship by this mean, the website of Setenil de la Bodega City Council.


This is a means we will try to boost and update continuously with various purposes:

  • To improve the communication City Coucil – Citizen.
  • To ease the online paperwork.
  • To inform about the City Council and our township’s hot news.
  • To be a window to the world and to value our township in every possible area for the visitors and emigrated villagers of Setenil.


I am sure that the problems we are currently facing will difficult the achievement of these purposes. However, nothing will prevent the government team I lead to fight with all their aptitudes, capacities and illusions in order to improve our village.


This is something impossible without the civic participation of all the society, creating a loyal and altruistic commitment to get a Setenil which we can feel proud of.


Kind Regards, Rafael Vargas Villalón.

Aerial view

Setenil de las Bodegas