Taxpayer Calendar

Urban IBI (Property Tax) – Rustic IBI – Various Exactions (Vehicles Entrance / Hunting Grounds / Kiosks / OVP Tables and Chairs) 

Dates: 2nd September – 30th November


IVTM (Vehicles Tax)

Dates: 4th April -10th June




1st Semester: 18th May – 25th July

2nd Semester: 2nd September – 30th November



  • Any consultation related to your taxes, can be made in our tax income offices.
  • If you realize of a mistake in the name, ID or NIF, or address of your receipt, prove the correct data in the tax income office for an immediate incorporation.
  • If you sell your vehicle, ensure yourself that you record the transference in the office of the Traffic Department.
  • Similarly, inform the Traffic Department about the cancellation of your vehicle.
  • If you sell or purchase a house or territory, inform about it to the City Council and the tax income office.
  • If you quit your commercial or industrial store, inform about it to the City Council and the tax income office.
  • The ownership changes takes effect the following year.
  • Inform about everything related to the payment of your tributes in order to avoit possible mistakes on the liquidation.
  • Make the payment in the established period in order to avoid recharge or interest on arrears.
  • The surcharge will be of 10% if you pay before receiving the notice of a court order.
  • Use the diptych to make the payment in any of our collaborating entities, so you will save the unnecessary inconveniences.
  • Set up direct deposit of your payments in order to avoid unnecessary displacements.



Place and method of Payment

  • Through diptychs in any bank entity.
  • Through direct debit.
  • Through POGI or bank transfer to the Tax Income office of Jimena.
  • In the Tax Income Office of the Provincial Service of Tax Income and Tributary Management located in C/ Julian Besteiro, 9. Olvera.


Telephone: 956 130 882

Fax: 956 120 470